Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rev. Martin G. Seitz

On Wednesday Jennifer flew to Michigan to be with her family for her grandfather Seitz's funeral. Josh had to stay in Colorado to finish PILAT and drive our car back to Kentucky. While Jennifer had a difficult time transitioning by leaving MTI and the program early, she was thankful she could be with her family during the celebration of her grandfather's life. Her time in Michigan, though short, was a blessing and the entire family was able to be there except Josh. Jennifer was thankful to meet some people who are on our prayer team that we had never met.

Another crazy thing took place as Em, one of the survivors from the MTI car accident in Colorado, is staying with her parents during her recovery in Michigan only 1 hour away from the Seitz farm. So miles away from MTI, a week after visiting Em in the hospital in Colorado, Jennifer was able to see Em for a few hours at her parents house in Michigan. Em is doing pretty well, but still needs many prayers and encouragement as she has several months of recovery and rehabilitation ahead of her.

Here is something Jennifer wrote for her grandfather's funeral and was read during the service by her Uncle.

Rev. Martin Seitz was my grandfather, my Grampy, my Pa Pa. He made a positive impact in my life as he inspired me to love. My favorite memories are traveling with him and Grammy to visit his former parishioners in rural Kentucky. Every time he and my grandmother came to Kentucky to visit us he wanted to go see the people in his old churches. They were in his churches back when he was a student at Asbury College. Though he was their pastor years ago, he still kept up with them and cared deeply for them. I know of few pastors who try and stay in touch with many of their old parishioners from former churches, but Pa Pa did. He also deeply cared about making a difference in the world and would ask me as I grew up “Jennifer, what are you going to do to help people?” I hope that my life will glorify God the way my grandfather’s did, and that I will make a difference in the world! I’m thankful for the time I had with him, how he teased me and always wanted to make great family memories. I’m thankful my heritage is a Seitz heritage, and that my grandfather was Rev. Martin G. Seitz

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