Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another Loss

As I stare out the window here in Colorado and watch the snow fall I'm reminded that life is a cycle and even if someone lives a long life, it often seems too short.
Today, my grandfather Seitz passed away at the age of 86. While I would normally perceive this occasion as a very sad one, and in many ways I do, I think I'd be able to handle it much better if the past two weeks had not been so full of sadness. Two weeks ago today the van from MTI was in the freak roll over accident. My mind cannot fathom another funeral at the moment, but even in these moments I'm reminded of those in other countries who deal with death on a day to day basis whether it be from war, starvation, or disease. Some bury their family or friends with frequency and they rarely have time to mourn their loss.
I can be thankful that the reality of death does not come close on a daily basis, and that I have the opportunity to remember those lost and mourn their deaths. Also, I have great hope that the people I know whom have died in the last two weeks are in a better place, they will not ache again, they are with their Creator! I praise God for that hope because even in the midst of sorrow or tragedy I can be thankful for lives well lived and life after death!

Jennifer Rebecca

This week Jennifer will Fly to Michigan from Denver on Wednesday to be with her family for her grandfather's funeral. Josh will finish out the PILAT program here at MTI this week and then meet Jennifer in Kentucky for a wedding on Saturday. Thank you for your prayers during these weeks. We hope we will be able to make the most of our time here over the next few days! God is able to carry us!

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