Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Humbled by some loving children...

The other day Jennifer was teaching ballet class when one of her girls stopped her in the middle of class to say that her mom and dad fight a lot and that her dad yelled at her mom. It was obvious that this litter girl doesn't have a good home life since she interrupted Jennifer just to tell her what was happening at her house. Sadly, this little girl acts up a lot in ballet class and is sort of a bully. Many of Jennifer's ballet students come from underprivileged, broken, and even abusive homes. Thankfully, Jennifer is able to hopefully make a difference in the lives of these beautiful children by listening to them before, after, and sometimes during class. Jennifer currently has tendonitis in both of her feet near her ankle and Achilles tendon from ballet, and one of her older students said on Friday that she was going to bring a special cream to help her feet feel better.  Jennifer had forgotten all about it today when class was getting ready to start and the sweet little girl handed Jennifer a Mexican anti-inflammatory cream. Knowing that this child doesn't have much money, but was willing to give Jennifer this cream, was humbling. She even said she would get more if it helped. Please keep praying that Jennifer can be a blessing to these sweet girls, and pray for her tendonitis as well and that it heals quickly so she can get back to her normal activities.

Classes are going well at the gym and several people have expressed to us how CrossFit has helped changed their lives together with the type of diet we recommend. Many people are feeling better and have lost weight. Josh enjoys giving the classes and Jennifer enjoys helping out around the gym and office. We desire for this to be an integral ministry that also reaches people with the love of Christ.

At the orphanage this week we did a craft with the kids. They LOVED it and were thrilled to glue tissue paper to a paper plate. They don't often get the opportunity to do creative activities with things like crayons and glue. It is just not a luxury that they have. We are thankful that we have several friends who are interested in helping us at the orphanage as well and who have been going with us to love on the kids.

Please continue to pray for all our ministries and the new Bible study group we started last week. We appreciate your prayers as we know they sustain us during the tough and the great times!