Saturday, September 22, 2012

Here's a look over what has happened over the past few weeks...

 August 25th: We had the inauguration of the gym and it was a success! In the month of August Josh had lots of students. Having so many students in the first month of being open was a huge blessing. Please pray for continued growth and for more new students.

 September 3rd: Jennifer started another semester of classes with her ballet students at the non-profit organization near our house for underprivileged children. Thanks to the generosity of many of you, Jennifer has been working to get all her students ballet slippers so they don't have to wear socks to class. One of her classes now has the shoes and the other class has ordered them. A HUGE thank you if you helped donate shoes or money to this cause.

 September 8th: Josh gave a seminar on nutrition. His desire is to reach people holistically through exercise and diet as well as teaching the Bible.

 September 14th: Our church group celebrated Jennifer's birthday and the birthday of one of our dear friends in our group with an authentic Mexican dinner.

 September 15th: Mexico's Independence Day and Jennifer's 29th birthday!

 September 17th: We went to the orphanage and made hand puppets. The children loved it. 

September 19th: Jennifer's Mom arrived in Mexico to visit and help us out. Yippee!

 Coming up in October we will be starting another group and will be studying the Gospel of Mark together. Join us in praying for a good start to this second group and that those in the group will understand what it means to live by Christ's life.

Also, we were just featured in today's e-mail publication "On the GO" with GO InterNational. Check your e-mail to read the article. It is called "On the GO with the Reynolds."