Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A New Week, A New Program

This week we are starting PILAT. What is PILAT might you ask? PILAT teaches us how to learn a new language. We aren't taking Spanish classes for the next two weeks, but instead we are learning a method that will help us learn Spanish, or any language for that matter. We've used the method a little before in Paraguay when we were there for a summer several years ago. It is a wonderful tool for picking up a language and understanding how to speak it! PILAT stands for: Program In Language Acquisition Techniques. Already, we have discovered that PILAT requires intense concentration because we are doing a lot of phonetics drills and intense study of the method. These two weeks contrast the past three in almost every way. We look forward to using and applying this technique in Mexico as we know it will help us attain fluency. =) Tomorrow we are practicing the method with languages we do not know. Josh will be working with Russian and Jennifer will be working with Vietnamese. Can you say challenging?

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Elliott & Lindsay Drake said...

we wish we were in pilat with you!! sounds like you are learning alot, but thats its exhausting. can't wait to hear more about it!