Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Memorial, One with Himself I Cannot Die

Today we held a private memorial and prayer service for the MTI community to honor those who were in the accident. It was a beautiful day and we were thankful for the opportunity to share with one another and to even meet the family of one of our friends who was in the accident. Jennifer was able to be a part of the service by dancing to the Untitled Hymn (or Come to Jesus) by Chris Rice. It was a way of sharing part of herself with our community here, honor those who were not with us, and dance from her heart. After the service everyone built a memorial outside near the building that will stand as a reminder of what took place here.
Thanks for continuing to lift us and the others here up in prayer! The three in the hospital are in need of a lot of healing still. The driver may be released tomorrow, but he is dealing with a lot of emotions as his son is dead and his wife still has a long way to go. Also, the both of us will be here for two more weeks, but everyone except one other couple is leaving Friday and we will be with a whole new group for our language learning classes. This will be difficult for us because the new group is coming into a situation that they know nothing about and we will be making new friends and saying good-bye to the old.
If you would like more updates on the accident please check out the websites we have listed on the previous blog.
Also, if you would like our address here we'd love to hear from you guys. Send us an e-mail and we'll give it to you.=)

We love you,

Josh and Jennifer

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