Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As we have been calling our supporters several have asked..."What does a normal day look like for you?" Answering this question is not easy because it changes day to day and week to week. But we would like to try and describe what we do or have been doing.

In the mornings we dedicate time to study and exercise before we start our day. Mondays we prepare for our group all day by writing a child's lesson, finishing the adult lesson, cleaning the house, and getting a snack ready and sometimes we pick people up at their house. Tuesdays we try to have people over or make home visits in the afternoons and evening. Wednesday we have had Spanish lessons, Jennifer teaches a very small English class and Josh sometimes teaches Greek, and either on Wednesdays or Thursdays we often have dinners in our home for our small group or we invite people to do something with us. Fridays we have had two Bible studies, one with a neighbor and we have had another marriage study in partner with a WGM pastor. On the weekends we try to take one day of rest and spend time in fellowship with people. Sometimes we have days in the park with our group. Spare moments are spent preparing classes we are teaching or studies we are giving. Random English classes are mixed in their as well.

Those are the "scheduled activities.¨ The truth is most ministry happens in between. We spend a lot of time with people. Whether it be dinners, visiting, counseling, and alike. There are the late night phone calls that we get because a friend needs someone to talk to and pray with, there are the breakfasts that turn into lunches, or dinners that last till late at night. There are the days when we are babysitters and days when we are chauffeurs, days when we are counselors, and days when we are teachers and friends. To say this country is very social is an understatement! When you spend time with people you gain their trust and build relationships that make a difference. One friend just came to us about some serious marital issues because she said she knew we would be there for her and understand when others wouldn't. If we had not invested time in her life first as a friend, she would not have confided in us and looked to us to help her come to know God. Now we are studying the Bible with her and are helping her through her marital difficulties.

Before coming to Mexico we remember hearing in our missions training "be flexible" and "you will only get a small fraction of the things on your to-do list done." True indeed! We have learned to take things as they come, and that sometimes it is better to plan fewer activities or we won't have time for people and their needs. Flexible is the key word!