Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh, How Far We've Come!

A birth, 4 deaths, and a wedding...We've witnessed all of these stages of life over the past five weeks in addition to engaging in intense training. In January as we drove out to Colorado we could not have possibly foreseen or expected everything that would take place over the next several weeks in our lives...From being at the birth our close friends' daughter, to grieving the loss of three in the car accident, to the death of Jennifer's grandfather. We celebrated too as we made it back to Kentucky yesterday for the wedding of our dear friends and supporters Zach and Heather. Sadly, Heather's mom is extremely ill with cancer and was unable to attend the wedding and therefore, we were especially thankful we could be there to celebrate with them.
And in the middle of these events surrounding us while we were in Colorado, we were part of a Christian community, one like we've never experienced before, a community that challenged us to love, to love even if we lose, even if we never see the person again. In this community we learned nothing is guaranteed in life, and we discovered we will never be the same people we once were. When we go to Mexico we will be better people, transformed people, because God met us at our time in Colorado at Mission Training International. This year has not been an easy one free of trials, but oh how far we've come!

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kevinandnicole said...

We are praying for you both and looking forward to meeting you when you get to Leon! Let us know if we can help in your preparation in any way.
Dios les bendiga!

Kevin and Nicole