Thursday, June 24, 2010

Safe arrival

After two really great retreats, we have arrived safely in Wilmore. Unfortunately, we didn't calculate how much time and energy we would be expending on all our preparations and travel. As a result, we both got sick before and during our trip. We're recovering, but Jennifer's strength and stamina are no where near what they should be. We're thankful for family who have taken care of us. We've decided to pause and take time to rest and get strong again before we move forward. We appreciate your continuing patience if you haven't yet heard from us. We're thankful for all of you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shared Enthusiasm

This past weekend we went to Saltillo in Northern Mexico for a New Testament class that Josh taught for the theological education program. One of the couples that took Jennifer’s class, and who also took Josh’s, shared with me part of their story. They explained that they have only been Christians for 8 months but that they opened their home to hold a Bible study for their community. "It keeps growing" they explained. "People don’t want to enter a church building, but they will come to our home. We don’t discuss religion, we just talk about Jesus and study the Bible" they said. As I listened to this beautiful couple share their enthusiasm I was encouraged by their new found love, their hearts for ministry, and their decision to study despite the obstales they face. Fifteen years have passed since they’ve had to write a paper or attended school. While talking with Eloy and Edith, I was moved by the reality of the challenges before so many Mexican students who are ministering and are studying to become educated leaders. They are juggling their jobs, their families, and their ministries to dedicate time each day and one weekend a month to learn and get a degree from this program. Some of the students have not had any formal education beyond high school, but that is not a barrier to their determination. Eloy and Edith touched us with their lives and dedication. They are reaching out to their neighbors and have found, like us, that home groups are a wonderful atmosphere for discipleship.

We are thankful that this year we had the opportunity to be a part of WGM’s theological education program and that next year we will as well. We hope to be able to reach more Christians with various forms of theological education in the future.

In other news...
This weekend we are having a retreat for our small group and our theme is “How Deep is the Love of Christ.” Please be in prayer for us as we lead the retreat. Also, pray for those who are attending! We long to have a powerful weekend of growth and fellowship!

Jennifer (for us both)