Sunday, February 17, 2008

Praise Be to God

Friday evening as soon as we gulped down our last morsel of dinner, we jumped into our car along with Mike and Lenie to go to see our friend Em in the hospital. We had seen her just two days earlier and were greatly pleased at the progress she had made in recovering from the wreck. When we entered the hospital room Friday we were astonished to see that she had marked improvement from the last time we had seen her. We had a wonderful time with her that evening talking about the SPLICE program we took together, the friends we made, and the great things God has and is doing in her life even in the midst of tragedy. One of the greatest blessings of the evening was when we walked to the ground floor with her so that she could play the piano for us. We really didn't know what to expect. She suffered some serious injuries in the crash, one of which was a broken neck and the doctors have placed her in a titanium "halo" to stabilize her vertebrae and she also has a severely bruised and beaten left arm. Nevertheless we sat down in the small hospital chapel to hear her play. We were blown away at the beauty of the music which she had composed and the presence of the Holy Spirit. We were marveling at how so much beauty could be present so shortly after disaster. She finished after playing several songs and we walked back up to her room where she shared her story from her heart about God calling her to himself and Africa. The hours flew by and we really enjoyed being with Em before she was released from the hospital and on her way home. That's right, just two weeks after being in ICU with life threatening injuries she is flying home today to recover. And if you're wondering if she's still committed to her calling her
response is, "[Africa] or bust!." Praise God for Em's recovery!

* The top picture is of Em playing the guitar for us.

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