Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick Update

Thankfully we figured out that the check-engine light wasn't a big deal on our vehicle. It was merely reminding us to change the oil which we had already done and the light is now off. So no car problems up to this point. Praise God! We made it to McAllen, TX safely and are doing our paperwork today and running errands before heading into Mexico tomorrow. Our trip hasn't been comfortable as we are packed in like sardines. One of our close friends, plus our little cat, plust lots of things we are taking back for people, equals one tight ride, but it is all worth the hassle. We are excited to have a friend with us for two weeks and how were we going to leave our Mexican cat back in the States? In addition taking things back that people can't get in Mexico or are just too expensive is a pleasure. We are taking some things for an orphanage and for several other people including our Spanish tutor friend who is going to have twins within the month.

Thanks for praying that our paperwork (visas and insurance) goes smoothly today and that we have a safe trip tomorrow!

Love to you all!

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