Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Packing and Getting Ready for Our Trip Back to Mexico

We had a wonderful weekend this weekend sharing with the Young Adult Sunday school classes at Nicholasville UMC and spending time with some of our supporters there. Our weekend was a long one, but God used it to bless us very much by the prayers of those at Nicholasville UMC and by the prayers and sending off of the community we've been a part of in Lexington, Communality.

God has been very good to us as he has answered prayers about our stress levels, and given us wonderful churches and supporters to encourage us and to be a part of our team. He continues to surprise us with his goodness as we prepare to leave for Mexico.

Currently, we are packing bags and trying to make everything fit into our vehicle, which is no small task since we are taking things for an orphanage, friends, and one of Jennifer's closest friends is going to be traveling with us. She will be staying with us in Mexico for two weeks which will be a treat as she is our first friend to visit us there. In addition, we have to fit our little Mexican cat. Needless to say we need our vehicle to turn into Mary Poppins bag. Ha, ha, ha.

As we sit here and ponder what we've learned, where we've been, and who we've met over the course of this year we are amazed at what God has done, how far he has brought us, and we are excited about going back to do what he has called us to do. Planting a church is no small task, but we know that it, among other things, are what God has for us in Mexico. Please pray for us and that we would have discernment and wisdom in everything.

Pictured: Us with some dear supporters at Nicholasville UMC

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