Friday, April 4, 2008

What a Difference a Friend Makes

Good friends make a difference in our lives in countless ways, and we'd like to tell you about one of our good friends. Jayna is a friend whose love and influence touched Jennifer in a special way when they met in high school, and, although Jennifer and Jayna may have only spent one year in Wilmore, their friendship continues to grow. It grows because of the love of Jesus Christ that compels people like Jayna to go above and beyond the greatest expectations of a friend. This past weekend Jayna organized and orchestrated a very enjoyable breakfast meeting with the beautiful congregation of the First UMC of Topeka, Kansas. We thoroughly enjoyed being with our friends and worshipping and sharing with the people of this great church.

We hope you received our newsletter via e-mail or in your mailbox without any problems. =) Thanks for your continued prayers as we travel on this long journey. You all have lifted us up with your words of encouragement!

Jennifer is still struggling right now with her health, but has had moments of feeling a little better over the past few days. She is having some pretty severe symptoms so we would still appreciate your prayers.

In the meantime we press forward as we seek to surround ourselves with friends who will be a part of what we will be doing in Mexico and who want to make a difference by joining with us. We are encouraged, motivated, and affirmed by all those who have taken the step to join our team, but there are still many opportunities for people to be a part of the great things God is doing in Mexico. Could God use you in this way?

Each partner, each friend brings us closer to Mexico and the needs of the people, and each one of you makes an impression on our lives and the lives of those we will work with in Mexico. What a difference a friend makes!

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