Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quick Update...

Hey ya'll from actually sunny central Kentucky. =D The sun makes us think of sunny central Mexico.

We just wanted to fill you in on a few things...First of all we're having some technical difficulties so our computer capabilities are not up to speed at the moment. Thanks for your patience.

Yesterday Jennifer actually had a positive appointment. Yahoo! We are leaning towards the idea that she is struggling with some parasites and they have been causing the majority of her health issues and pain over the last few months. We aren't sure currently, but are thinking that is the case anyway, and the person Jennifer saw yesterday thinks it is a strong possibility. For a while we thought parasites were the issue, but were unable to have any success with doctors or any relief until yesterday. Currently, she is on some meds and hard core herb supplements for a while. If they don't help then we go from there...She has been feeling slightly better yesterday and today and for that we are grateful! Thanks for your prayers and concern!

More to come shortly...
Lots of love,
J and J

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