Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jesus Raising

The business of raising support as a missionary can be taxing and difficult, even somewhat discouraging. I must confess that for me the whole process has been extremely stressful despite my strongest efforts to grin and bear it. I now have been made aware of the reason for my struggles.

Steve and Theresa Manchester (WGM missionaries to Tenwek hospital in Kenya and friends from our mission training in Colorado) were in Wilmore to speak at the WGM student involvement center and we had a great time of fellowship after the meeting. We shared about our successes and struggles in finding partners in ministry, but one thing Theresa said really touched me. When we are disciples of Jesus Christ, when we are missionaries either on our fields or here at home, our number one task is not to be successful or productive, but to glorify our Lord. I have been focused on fund raising this whole time and am ashamed to say that I have missed the bigger picture. I have been raising funds and not raising [up] Jesus. My flesh has been striving and worrying over budgets, numbers, dates, and time frames because I long to be in Mexico, and I have placed my focus on Mexico instead of the one who has called me there.

Today I choose to begin Jesus raising and to stop fund raising. I choose to decrease so that he may increase. I choose to be free of worry and anxiety about when we will be in Mexico and to embrace being in his presence in the present.



Akinol said...
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Karis said...

Amen and amen! We have learned the same lesson along the deputation trail. We long to get to Cameroon, but we can bring Him just as much glory in the place He has us each day as we can down the road in Cameroon (even if it's staying in a hotel with Kayla and Krista because Kayla was just diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday while Dan is at a church presenting our burden for and call to Cameroon). I can have just as much ministry as he can although mine might not seem as important. I just need to remember this and show the fruit of the Spirit instead of being frustrated with a whiny child. :-) Thanks for the reminder to lift up Jesus and make Him look good to others even if it's only my two year old.

Frank Martin, WGM said...

I just want to thank you for being completely honest in this blog. You are totally right about where your focus should be, on Jesus. Now you see how the enemy is so sly in diverting our attention. Blessings to you all.

Hey! One more thing, could I have your permission to use your thoughts in our next SDI? I want to add them to my presentation on prayer. I would give you credit for it.