Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who We Are Under Stress

What do you look like under stress? This is the question we were forced to consider this week during SPLICE. We've been learning about our conflict management styles and how we react in difficult circumstances. Over the past several days all of us were challenged to examine ourselves , each other, and our spouse in the face of conflict. Wednesday we took part in a simulation hostage situation. Yes, that's right we experienced what it would be like to be forced into a small space with many people under dyer conditions. We were surprised that even though we knew the scenario was not real, we experienced real emotional responses and discovered what it would be like to deal with others in the midst of unrelenting stress.

Though we love Mexico and sense God's calling there, adjusting to our new surroundings will not always be easy. SPLICE has been extremely helpful in preparing us for what we will face in our new culture and giving us tips on how to adapt and make Mexico our home!
Thanks for your prayers as we have sensed God's presence here!

Our Schedule this coming week..

Monday: Moral Purity, Facing Cultural Differences, Language
Tuesday: Grief and Loss, Singles and Couples Issues
Wednesday: Small Groups, Children Issues, Personal Coaching
Thursday: Praying Around the World, Goodbye's and Hello's
Friday: Hopes and Fears, Evaluations, End of SPLICE

This is our last week of SPLICE and PILAT starts the following week.

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