Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We have officially begun our 5 weeks of intense training that will prepare us to serve in Mexico. The program we just started is called SPLICE, ( Spiritual Resources, Personal Growth, Lifestyle Adaptation, Interpersonal Skills, Cultural Adjustments, Endure/Enjoy Paradox), and it will help us learn how to better adapt to new cultures. We love Mexico and her people, culture, and land, but we still need to equip ourselves for moving there permanently. During our time over the next five weeks we are looking forward to working hard in order gain new skills that will aid us in the huge transition of moving to a new land.
So far we already realize the great benefit of being in the MTI (Mission Training International) community. Here in the beautiful landscape of Colorado we are surrounded by 36 like-minded missionaries and are enjoying sharing with them because they are facing many of the same difficulties and struggles that we are. One thing that especially surprised us is how many of the students here are our age. We had no idea God was raising up so many young people to reach the world. God is still at work and he is still mighty to save, and we take great joy in those whom he has called to serve in missions not just for our own pleasure but also for the world's.

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kevinandnicole said...

Enjoy your training! We are excited for you to get to Leon! Let us know if you need anything.
We would like to recommend a good book about Mexican Culture - NTC'S Dictionary of Mexican Cultural Code Words. It is helping us to understand the culture and history of Mexico a little better!
Kevin and Nicole