Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Taste of Mexico in Wilmore

Ya Vienen Los Reyes Magos (The Wise Men are Coming)

Today is the the Day of the Kings, the day that the wise men visited little Jesus, and in many countries it is as big a holiday as Christmas. In Mexico it is the main day children receive gifts and families hold big celebrations. People buy or make a Rosca de Reyes, an oval shaped sweetbread with candied fruit. Inside the bread is a figurine of the baby Jesus. Whoever gets the baby hosts a party on Feb. 2nd for everyone present.
At our place this afternoon we celebrated el Dia de Los Reyes with the Reynolds and Roher families. We even had a Rosca de Reyes and of course we ate a lot of Mexican food. Josh's little cousins had a good time finding baby Jesus in their bread. We both enjoyed attempting to make a huge authentic Mexican meal.

A look ahead...

We leave for Kansas City January 17th and from there we will arrive in Colorado Springs on Jan. 20th. We'll be in Palmer Lake, near Colorado Springs, until February 22nd. Stay tuned for more information about our time in Colorado.

Next week we are speaking a United Methodist Church in Lexington, Ky.

Happy New Year and thanks for the e-mails and Christmas cards. They are very uplifting!

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