Sunday, January 27, 2008

Growing, Growing, Growing

Wow! The title of this post doesn't even begin to describe what has been taking place in our hearts over the past week at training. We knew our time here would be full of self-reflection and realization, but we had no idea to what extent. This week our classes focused on many areas including; building community, cultural differences, values awareness, lifestyle choices, evangelism, and the big one...Conflict and how we handle it. The sessions required us to examine ourselves and ask tough questions, and beg God to grant us grace and strength to transform some rough areas in our lives. Never did we imagine this training would be as practical and hands on as it's been. We are incredibly appreciative of the opportunity to prepare and grow before going to Mexico. The week was packed full, but we had some free time this weekend to get out into our beautiful surroundings and experience God's creation! (Pictures are from Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak.)

-If you are interested in our schedule for the next week so you know how to pray, below we've listed the topics for each day this week.

Monday: Conflict Provides Opportunities
Tuesday: Spiritual Vitality, Managing Stress
Wednesday: Who We Are Under Stress, Couple's Couching
Thursday: Keeping Rest, Soul Care
Friday: Transition, Culture Entry
Sunday: Attend Church Outside of Your Usual Preference
(We have some homework throughout the week and on weekends.)

-If you would like our mailing address here for the next four weeks please e-mail us at josh&

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jennifer and Josh,
I love the scenery pictures. I've been to the Garden of the Gods. We visited there when we took our Jr./Sr. Youth group trip out there to going skiing over springbreak. Colorado is very beautiful. I love the mountains.