Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reynolds' Update

Most of you reading this have received our latest newsletter. (If you haven't, but are on our list, or would like to be, please shoot us an e-mail.)
We wanted to give you another quick update and some very specific ways you can pray for us. We have received many phone calls and cards. Many thanks to all of you who have been lifting us up in prayer faithfully! We have felt God's presence!
As you know we have been on a roller coaster ride this fall. Since we are busy trying to juggle a work schedule and fundraising, we don't have much time to ponder what has taken place over the past few weeks. In a way that is a good thing. We still need lots of prayer.
As you pray would you pray for:

1) Continued peace and healing after Jennifer's miscarriage and discernment for the future

2) More church and individual appointments
We have quite a few gaps in our schedule and we NEED to fill them

3) Our funding. Please pray that our ongoing support would be raised by the Spring

4) For World Gospel Mission and its staff. They are having major technical difficulties that are affecting us all.

5) For our health and spiritual growth
Jennifer has been having back problems

We want to lift you up in prayer too. Please feel free to send us your prayer requests!

As always we have a lot to be thankful for:

1) Good friends who call, send cards, and make us feel loved!

2) Wonderful churches and supporters who are behind us every step of the way and who continually encourage us

3) More time together as a couple as we travel and enjoy evenings and weekends together

4) God's strength and endurace

5) Meeting new people and seeing new places

Several people have asked us. "Can we do anything to help?" There are many ways you can help besides financial support.
One major need we have is more appointments. If you don't live in Kentucky that is fine. You could give us a list of people who might be interested in hearing our story. Or you could host a "fiesta" for us where we can share our story. Maybe you have a small group or Sunday school class that would be interested in hearing what we will be doing in Mexico. We also would love to speak at your church. It doesn't matter if the time period is for 5 minutes or 45 minutes. Get creative and let us know your ideas. =)
As the time approaches for us to leave we will have all sorts of little ways people can volunteer to help us out. If you are interested in buying something that would help us in Mexico we can provide a list of ideas via e-mail.

Once again, thanks for all you do!
J and J

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