Friday, October 12, 2007


Now we know what it is to grieve, to really grieve! This week we found out that our little baby is no longer developing. Yes, Jennifer miscarried. We are feeling heartbreak and the complete let down after having a joyful 3 months. Words cannot express what we are going through, but God is good and has blessed us with many friends who have helped us this week. Thanks for covering us in prayer! After a minor surgery this morning, Jennifer is recovering and health wise feeling okay. Tomorow we will still be going to Georgia and we will be there for the week. If you think of us please pray for peace, for healing, and someday that God will give us a healthy baby. Also, pray for safe travels and that our support level would continue to grow!
Walking by faith,
Josh and Jennifer

Tonight we attend Bluegrass Youth Ballet's Dia de los Muertos /Day of the Dead ballet. The evening was a good time for us to grieve as the ballet is about death.
Here are some words to song from the ballet. They are appropriate!

Dios Nunca Muere/ God Never Dies
Traditional Mexican Folk Song

The sun dies on the mountains
With the light that agonizes
Because life in a hurry
Brings us to die

But it is not important to know
That I will have the same
ending/ Because I have the relief/
That God never dies

I will leave the country I loved
the land that saw me born
But I know that later I will enjoy/
The joy and peace that in God I will find

I know that life begins
Where it thinks
That reality ends
And that God never dies
And that it moves me
If you look for His blessedness

I know there is a new light
That it will reach
Our loneliness
And all of those who die
Will start to live
In eternity

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