Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Falls Creek, Pennsylvania

From Michigan we headed for the small town of Falls Creek Pennsylvania. There we took part in Smithtown Community Church's annual mission's conference. We had many adventures while there. We stayed with a wonderful couple who owned their own animal hospital. The first night we even got to witness a surgery on a dog who had been hit by a car. Our random adventures included waking up early to go see an elk herd, being on television, and going to see the famous ground hog, Punxatawny Phil. One of the biggest highlights for us was being at the conference with one of our good friends, and fellow missionaries, Zach Motts. Being able to spend time with him was a major blessing. Smithtown Community Church was a fun place to be, and once again everyone was welcoming. We truly felt at home with the people from the church. Of the many great moments we had there over the several days we spent with them, one of our favorites is when one of the children in the church handed us a small bag of pennies his great grandma had given him. After thinking about what to do with these special pennies he decided he would give them to us, the missionaries. Wow! His pennies are one of the most special support gifts we have received. He truly gave from his heart! Thanks Evan for putting a big smile on our face and reminding us to give sacrificially.

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