Monday, November 28, 2011

A Great Week!

Last week was a wonderful one as the Reynolds family spent the whole week with us. It was nice to have family in town especially for Thanksgiving because it is holiday when we miss home. We spent the week showing the Reynolds crew around our area of Mexico. We had a great time together. We concluded our activities with a big Thanksgiving meal the Friday after Thanksgiving. Though we bought a big turkey, we slightly underestimated how many people would attend. There were 50 of us! Thankfully, we did have enough food (barely). It was a joyous celebration as we thanked God for all that he has done for us this year. We were glad to be surrounded by family and friends.

This year there is so much to be thankful for and each of you are on the top of our list. Thanks for your ongoing prayers and support. We could not be in Mexico if it weren't for you. We are also thankful to be back in Mexico this year. We are thankful for our many Mexican friends who constantly show us their love and support. And we are thankful for health and wholeness.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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