Saturday, November 5, 2011


Never before have I taught ballet to such an attentive group of girls. Hola maestra I hear as I am greeted by the sweet girls in the poor neighborhood of Cañon de la India. There lies a non-for-profit organization started by a wealthy business owner. She started several libraries with classes for children and their parents as well as a youth orchestra. They have a very nice facility complete with a little ballet studio. I have enjoyed my time there on Fridays and look forward to seeing the girls faces greet me every week. Most of the girls don't have the resources to be able to have nice ballet clothes and ballet shoes. Thankfully Bluegrass Youth Ballet in Lexington, where I used to work, donated some shoes, leotards and tights to me a while back. This week I passed them out and the girls were excited to receive some lightly used items. It is exciting to teach a group of girls who have a desire to be in class and aren't just there because their parents want them to be. These young ones ranging from ages six to ten bring me much joy each week.

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