Monday, July 25, 2011

The Virgin of Guadalupe

Well today we are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary and we couldn't be more thrilled to do so. =) We thank God for our time together and that we have stayed united during the good times and rough times. We give him all the glory. Thanks for standing behind us!

Today I had coffee with some friends and my heart was saddened by what I heard. Not only did I hear my one of my dear friends tell me the story of her broken family and the heartbreak she was going through, but also the lies of idolatry that are so much part of the Mexican culture. You see here the Virgin of Guadalupe, a representative of the virgin of Mary, is seen as a God. She is prayed to, worshipped, and images of her are everywhere. Where we live, to be Mexican is to be Catholic, and not just any kind of Catholic, but one who also worships the Virgin of Guadalupe among other virgins and images. We have to be very careful in how we approach our friends or talk to them about the subject. Really we have to let the Holy Spirit do his work because it is a VERY touchy topic. Would you join us in praying for our friends who struggle to make a connection between their faith and their everyday life and who are faced with idolatry on a daily basis? Pray that the Holy Spirit would give us wisdom when to speak up and when to be quite. Pray against idolatry and that Jesus Christ will be revealed in Central Mexico and break through the darkness of lies that have a grasp on this area. -Jennifer

Please don't forget to pray for our financial support. We are in much need of our budget being met every month. THANKS for all you do to keep us here on the field!!!!!!!

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