Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Boy does time fly. We apologize for letting so much time go by without posting something. By now most of you should have received our latest newsletter and if you haven't you will be getting it in the mail shortly.

Well the weather has cooled down some and the rainy season seems to have actually started. So León is getting its much needed rain, and with the rain comes refreshment.

This past weekend we experienced refreshment as we hosted a new friend in our house. He is from another part of Mexico, but we have become good friends through mutual friends and were excited to finally meet Rodrigo in person. You see Rodrigo has been working on starting organic expressions of church for many years and has lots of experience in just the type of ministry God has called us to here in Mexico. It was an encouragement to be able to spend time talking about Christ being the head of his church, instead of the normal reaction of us wanting to take control and lead it. We discussed how slow ministry is here and that things do not grow fast, but little by little and as people see Christ's body at work and loving others, the church will grow. Right now Rodrigo is working in several cities to help support groups that are seeking Christ in their homes. Soon Rodrigo will be living in a city close to León, and we are looking forward to working with him in this endeavor to start a church where all the members are functioning and Christ is the head.

We've had some discouraging moments in ministry, but God used Rodrigo to encourage us and affirm our call along the way. Only God could have made this connection as we've both been praying for ministry partners. Would you join us in praying for more partners? More people that catch the vision of Christ being the head of his church and more believers to help us start what God called us to because the workers are few.

Pictured: Us with Rodrigo and another friend

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