Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One week left

We can hardly believe we only have one week until we head back to the States to finish up our fundraising. Time has flown by and it will be hard to once again say good-bye to our close friends here. Please be praying that we have a safe trip back to Kentucky especially since we are driving. The 15th we head to McAllen, TX from León. Pray that we have a smooth and uneventful journey.

We have had the opportunity since we've been here to spend time with our small group, make plans for the future, and do special things like help host a huge Super Bowl party. We invited all of our friends with hopes to make contact with new people and bring others into our family of faith. Thankfully one of the couples who attended the party on Sunday showed up at our small group on Monday. Join us in praying for them and others that attended the party. Here we like to party with a purpse.

Today we are headed to San Juan de los Lagos to share with some youth that we worked with at a camp a while back. We look forward to seeing them and teaching them about Christ. San Juan is a city that is very idolotrous and has only one evangelical church. We have a missionary friend who is working there and it is very slow work. We are glad we can be a part of God's transforming mission in San Juan.

Pictured at the Super Bowl Party: Josh with our missionary friend who works in San Juan and with our partner in ministry David, Jennifer with our close friend Blanca

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