Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well it was a few days before we were going to head back to Kentucky and one of our close Mexican friends who is part of our group approached us and took us by surprise. She said God had placed it on her heart to wash our feet. Tears came to our eyes as we thought of her kindness and the act of someone doing such a thing. Sure enough, the day before we left she came over to our apartment to pray for us and wash our feet. What a humbling experience! After serving this person for over two years she served us in a way that no one has ever done before.

Later that evening we had our group time and at the end everyone placed their hands on us to pray for us. We were overwhelmed by our friends, the ones we've taught, praying for us. God is using our friends to bless others and Monday we were receipients of those blessings. It is humbling to receive from those you've given so much to. We never expect anything in return, but what a nice surprise to be served by those whom you've served.

On a different note we are thankful that we arrived to the States and to Kentucky safely. A US diplomat was shot by the drug cartel only a few kilometers from where we were driving on Monday. He was shot the same day we were traveling from León to the States. Only a few weeks ago a missionary was shot on the same highway we take to the States. In both cases the people were targeted for various reasons, but the violence is getting worse in Mexico. Please pray that it will calm down and people's lives would be spared. We hope to be back in Mexico by May or June and want to be able to safely drive back to León.

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