Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Latest News

Hello Family and Friends!

Greetings from Mexico. We are here on a visit and will be back in the States shortly. Before our visit we were unclear on our time frame for coming back to Mexico. We've mentioned that we desire to have a church-planting team and that is still our desire. After coming down here to deal with our apartment, where we still have all of our things, and after meeting with the missionary couple with whom we've been working, we decided that we will continue to build our team but from Mexico. Therefore, we will come back to Mexico as soon as possible and most likely it will be around the first of June. First we need to return to the States to finish raising our support and to visit our wonderful supporters.

We feel at peace and are excited about this decision. We spent many months learning more about house-church planting and going to conferences for further education. Though our time in the States was extended we know that it was for the best and that God has restored us and equipped us for our future ministry here in Mexico. We will be working with our friends to plant an organic church here in León.

In the meantime we need to raise 15% of our budget in order to come back to Mexico as soon as possible. Will you join us in prayer as we return to the States in order to raise this amount?

Thanks for sticking with us and partnering with us in ministry both in the States and here in Mexico.

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Longing for the Day... said...

That's sounds awesome, guys! May you receive grace and peace in abundance as the doors for the Good News of His coming Kingdom are opened wide. May He back up the Good News with power by His Spirit and be glorified all over Mexico. Your faithful witness is encouraging to us and so many others...May passion for Jesus abound in your hearts and the lives of those He brings your way. We love and miss y'all. We're standing with you from Bethlehem. Keep it up. ;o)