Thursday, April 29, 2010

True Love

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

Why is this verse so difficult for us to grasp? Why do we find it hard to love? Why is love so hard to teach to others? Can it be taught? Or only demonstrated?

These are some questions that have been going through our minds lately. Last week we went to San Juan de los Lagos to see some youth that we are fond of, to share a reflection with them, and to play games. We were talking about love and that Christ calls us to love one another and to love our enemies. When we asked if that was easy to do we received varied responses. One young woman said "Yes, for me loving is easy." Others said that if they hadn't received love it was hard to love others. We wonder "is loving easy?" Our conclusion lately is that maybe for us loving is easy, but it is not easy to love someone when the love is not reciprocated. If we risk loving and the person hate us back does that change our love for them?

This past summer when we were in the States for a few days we shared how much love changes things. And it does. We are convinced of that. Christ's love for us makes a difference in our lives and allows us to love the broken, hurting, and our enemies. Lately we feel as though we haven't seen much love around us. For months we've been living out the love we have through serving others, but we wonder if it has payed off. We wonder is the love reciprocated? Do people understand that his love comes from God? That they too can experience it and pass it on to others? At times we have received nothing in return. Then it dawns on us...That doesn't matter. Jesus didn't say true love is that you lay down your life for a friend so that you get riches in heaven, or true love is that you lay down your life for a friend because it is the popular thing to do. He just said true love is that you would be willing to die in place of your friend. Are we willing to die for someone else? Are we willing to love everyone even if they reject our love, if they reject us, if they reject Christ?

Jesus came and showed us how to live and love. He taught, performed miracles, and ate with sinners. He was called names and hated by many. In the end the world rejected his love and his message. He was killed by those he loved. Does that mean his life was worthless? Does that mean that his love didn't make a difference? Maybe it means loving is not popular, maybe it means that Christ's example in laying down his life is one that challenges us to do the same.

Join us in loving Mexico, loving our friends, our enemies, and those who reject the message of Christ.

PICTURES: Fellowship in the Park!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your conclusion--to love others, to sacrifice self, whether they respond or not. Christ gave his life; many still reject him. We love you both so much and pray for you daily, even moment by moment. Mom