Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holy Week

There are some weeks when we are discouraged in ministry, and then there are weeks like this one when we are super encouraged.

This week is Holy Week or in Mexico, Semana Santa. Here people get off work at least for several days and all the schools have two weeks off. Good Friday is a national holiday and most things are closed. Thursday looked like Christmas Eve at the supermarket because it was so packed full of people. Sadly, the essence of Good Friday is often lost and the day turns into a time to get together and drink too much. Yesterday, we got invited to yet another get-together with our neighbors. They are always looking for an excuse to have a party and we are thankful they include us. We were a litle aprehensive about going, but we are so glad we did. At 3pm the family who's house we were at, and our neighbors, got together to pray. They recited written catholic prayers and at the end the big surprise came. They asked Josh to share something about Jesus' death. He didn't have anything prepared, but said a few words and we were shocked that they responded so well and affirmed that Christ is risen and living among us. We should follow his example in our lives they said. What an exciting moment that was. How special that before eating we took time to pray and talk about Christ. And they included us, the "evangelicals." Later Jennifer had the opportunity to share her faith and her vision for planting a church with another person that was there for the get-together and it was received very positively. What a great Good Friday we had!

So many wonderful things have happened this week... Here is a resumen.

Monday we had a great small group time of sharing and studying.
Tuesday we went to the place where we are having our small group retreat in June and put down a deposit. It is beautiful and the perfect spot. We had someone over for lunch and then we visited with a couple in our group who needs lots of prayer.
Wednesday we talked with another person in our group for hours about her experience over the last few weeks and her commitment to Christ. We had a wonderful time of sharing and this friend expressed her interest in being baptized. Yeah! Later we went to Irapuato to see a group of highschool kids that is here from Michigan. We worked with the group last year so it was great to see them again. We got to see their drama and meet a lot of new people.
Thursday we spent most of the day running around and getting ready for the seder meal we had in our house with our small group. That included lots of cooking and translating of liturgy into Spanish. We had an amazing time and more people showed up than we expected. We had enough food and shared a specail time as we had our passover meal and then took communion. Complete with candles
Friday, well you see the description above.
Today we are eating lunch with some people we haven't seen in a long time and preparing our Easter reflection for tomorrow.
Tomorrow we are meeting in the parque for lunch and an Easter reflection with those from our small group who are in town.

Thanks for your prayers! God did some incredible things this week!

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Small group, a few people are missing
Last week's dinner. The topic was the resurrection and Josh made Indian food
This week's dinner the traditional seder plate
Jennifer and Tori, one of the highschoolers from Michigan
The leader of the group Sue, giving presents to kids in Irapuato
The puppet show in Irapuato by the group from Michigan

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