Monday, February 1, 2010

Who is invited?

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When we think of evangelisim and how our churches are going to reach those who don't know Christ what do we think? Do we believe that we should invite non-Christians to church and they will hear a sermon and bam, they will accept Christ? Truthfully, it is not likely that a non-Christian would have any desire to go to church, and if they did they probably wouldn't understand what was going on. Many churches have gone to a "seeker friendly" service with hopes to reach those who don't go to church. I applaud their efforts because at least they are trying to reach those who wouldn't normally set their foot in the door of a church, but often the sermons get watered down and the believers are left searching for more depth.

We decided to start a small group with hopes that evangelism would take place out of that setting, that people would feel like they can bring their friends and in a non-threatening, but intimate environment people can come to know Jesus. After several small groups are formed then we could start a service where the small groups get together and have worship and a teaching. The service wouldn't be a place to invite your non-Christian friends, but instead a celebration for the believers. Sadly, we heard recently that it wasn't a good idea to have non-believers in our small group. Let me ask then how are people supposed to come to know Christ? Outside of community? What a better way to show someone what it means to folllow Christ than in a small group Bible study. This year two people have come to know Christ because of our small group, so we think it is a great place for non-Christians.

This past week we had two visitors who have very unique religious backgrounds. One of our friends who has been part of the group for a while is still clinging to her universal/buddist philosophies, while her husband claims to be a Christian. Please pray for her and the other people who are coming and for those who will visit in the next few weeks who do not have a personal relationship with Christ. Pray that they will come to know him, that their philosophies would be broken down . Pray that there would not be any confusion during our studies and that Christ's truth would prevail. We are continually amazed by how many people we work with have rejected catholicism and have turned to cults, sects, and strange eastern philosophies. We need guidance as try to guide these people to truth.

We challenge you to think about your church setting? Are there activities that exist where you feel comfortable inviting your non-believing friends? Do you have a small group where they could go? Do you have friends who aren't Christians? These are some important questions to consider as we seek to fulfill the great commission.


Rachel Elwood said...

I read it! You guys always have interesting things to say about your ministry in Mexico.

Kjernalds in Sweden said...

i read it to keep up with you guys and know what to pray for.