Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At this point we are really not sure that you all are reading out blog. So if you read it PLEASE leave a comment so we know. Thanks!

Also, thank you for praying for our field meeting that we had in McAllen, TX over the weekend. It went very well and we even had some time to enjoy things about the States that we miss. Mainly, salads. We had a great week and made it back home to León safely.

Last week we had the priveledge of having David Harriman share at our small group. He talked about the stones we have in our lives that are barriers between us and Christ. They could be addictions, hate, pride, or any number of things. We are thankful David had the chance to come and share because though we had a very small crowd in comparision to our normal Monday nights, those who attended were very touched by what David shared. One couple especially seems to have made a further commitment with Christ and we are praying that they understand what that means. Would you join us in praying for this couple? That they would accept Christ fully as Lord of their lives and that they would understand that he is the only way, the truth, and the life. This couple has been attending our group for a while now, but the wife especially has very eastern religious views. We long for them to understand that Christ is the only way to salvation. Thankfully, they are very faithful to coming to our activities and to coming to the Bible study.

Tomorrow night we are holding our Thursday night dinner. Most likely we will have some new visitors. On Thursdays we have started having a discussion on a certain topic. One night we talked about baptism. Tomorrow we are talking about Christainity's view towards other religions. Please pray that we will have wisdom to lead the discussion well and that people will accept what we say.

Thanks for your prayers and support as always!

Pictures: David Harriman's visit
Celebrating our 9th Valentine's Day together
An excursion we took with our neighbors (all the ladies in the group)


Nathan said...

Glad you had a good time in McAllen! Cydil and I have enjoyed reading about your small group. Tried commenting on some previous posts, but was unable to. Hopefully this one gets through. Don't doubt you are being prayed for!

Matt, Stacey & Lily said...

Always love hearing about what He is doing there and through our prayers! Thanks, guys!
Matt and Stacey, Haiti

kevinandnicole said...

Kevin and I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about the ministry you are doing in León and the surrounding towns.