Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Santa Cena

Last Tuesday evening we had the joy of sharing communion with our small group and for some of our friends it was their first time to take communion outside of a catholic church and it had a new meaning because instead of thinking that the bread and the wine were actually Christ's body and blood they understood that it was a symbol we took in remembrance of what Christ did for us. It was a specail time as two people from our group accepted Christ this fall, and taking communion had a new significance for them.

We are excited to see how God is working, and this week we had the chance to talk about the future of our group and what else we want to do doing the week. Next week we will be evaluating the needs in our community to see what we can do to better reach those needs. We've had a longing to work with the poor for a while, but haven't known how to get started. Please be in prayer as we figure out the best way to start something as a group and reach the poor around us.

This past week we were in Saltillo for the annual WGM's pastoral conference. We had the opportunity to listen to a veteran missionary share about how we could have an integral ministry and reach out to our community. We also heard an update on all the WGM churches and works in Mexico. Our 3 days of meetings were long, but good. It was good to see that the field had progressed from where it was last year. Overall we fell more encouraged about the state of the WGM Mexico field.

Please continue to pray for us as we make a decision this month as to how we are going to return to Mexico. We've prayed, fasted, and sought God, but still have not heard a response from him. We need his wisdom to make the best decision as we look toward our future in Church planting here in Leon.


Annette in Casa de Paz handing out clothes for the poor children she works with in Saltillo.

Around the table giving updates on our ministry during one of our meetings.

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