Friday, January 8, 2010

New Hearts...The Best Christmas Gift

The holidays are now over here in Mexico. Wednesday was the day of the kings and it is a very important day for the children here as they receive gifts. We also said good-bye to Jennifer´s parents and feel sort of sad because we always wish we had more time with them and that we could see our family more than a few weeks a year. However, we are thankful for the holidays because were able to rest some and spent time with family and friends. We are feeling much more rejuvenated as we start this year.

Meet Juan Pablo...Little seven year old Juan Pablo is the son of one of the single mothers who has been attending our small group. His mother comes from a difficult family situation, but his grandmother is a Christian and she watches little Juan Pablo and his brother a lot. We have invested much in this family over the past six months inlcuding teaching Jaun Pablo´s mom some things about discipline and keeping the kids overnight one time. We rejoice that his mom accepted Christ a few weeks before Christmas, and though she has a long way to go, she has begun to make some changes in her life. Sometimes we get discouraged because we don´t see her changing as fast as we would like, but God is doing something. Jaun Pablo´s grandfather and uncle who live with him are alcoholics, and we have been praying for them for a long time. This Christmas his grandfather wanted to go to the Catholic church to give thanks to God and Juan Pablo and his grandmother went with him. The other day with tears in her eyes his grandmother retold us the story. Juan Pablo insisted that he had something he wanted to give God thanks for. He said he had prayed that his mom and grandfather would have new hearts and that now they do. He wanted to thank God for the hearts they had received. His grandfather has been sober for several months now and we can hardly believe it. Who would have thought that little Juan Pablo would have been praying for his family. We know that God heard his prayers and we too thank him for what he has done in this family. Please continue to pray for them as they struggle to make ends meet and live with conflict daily. Pray for Juan Pablo´s mom, that she will fall more in love with Christ and let him transform her life, and pray for her brother who is currenlty walking in the wrong direction and doesn´t want anything to do with God.

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