Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pray for Friday... and Saturday

Many of you know that Jennifer has been suffering from right side abdominal pain. 'Till now the doctors have not been able to determine the cause of the pain, and this has been a very frustrating thing for us. Friday, Jennifer is scheduled to undergo a colonoscopy and endoscopy. We hope this test will help the doctors better understand what is causing the pain. The pain is not easy for Jennifer to deal with, but not knowing what is causing it is even more difficult. Please pray for us, the doctors, and the procedures. We hope that God will bring Jennifer healing and that these procedures will help us move towards getting her better. After these procedures, we are leaving Saturday morning to go to Marietta, GA. One of our dear friends is hosting a cookout as an opportunity for us to share about our calling to Mexico and to invite others to partner with us in ministry. You could also be in prayer for this event. Know that we really appreciate your prayers and be assured that God is answering them.

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Kjernalds in Sweden said...

Miss you guys, I am praying.