Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yeah Em!

When we traveled to Michigan this past weekend we were able to make a special stop to see our friend Em who survived the car crash in Colorado. We took a walk on Lake Huron with her and she walked with us farther than she ever has on the beach since the accident. It was amazing to see her moving her left arm better and without her halo. The healing that has taken place in her body is incredible, but we still need to pray for more because there is the possibility she might need neck surgery if her neck hasn't healed properly in her brace. Also, she continues to have quite a bit of pain and her physical therapy proves to be challenging. What a joy it was to see her and talk with her for a few short hours! She has many wonderful testimonies to share. Our hearts our thankful for the friendships we made with those in Colorado who are spread all over the world!

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