Sunday, June 1, 2008

News Update

Jennifer went in for her colonoscopy/endoscopy at 11am on Friday. Thankfully, the sedation was sufficient and it was as pleasant a procedure as one could expect. The good news is that the doctor did not find any Crohn's disease or anything visibly wrong with Jennifer's stomach or intestines. The bad news is that she is still experiencing constant pain, and we don't know what is causing it. We are waiting for the lab results of biopsies taken to see if she could be suffering from celiac disease or possibly an h. pylori infection. If these two things are not present, then we may need to examine the possibility of another cause. Please continue to pray for us as we seek healing.

Saturday's gathering in Marietta, GA also went really well. The Barbers hosted an amazing cookout with delicious food, and the fellowship was warm and enjoyable. We had the privilege of sharing about our calling to Mexico and the great challenges and opportunities there. You could continue to pray for us and those with whom we shared. We not only would love to have more people partner with us in ministry, but we must have more people partnering with us in order to reach Mexico with the transforming love of Christ.

Thank you all for your prayers and your involvement in taking the gospel to a dry and weary land. You are not only ministers to us but also to the people of Mexico.

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