Monday, April 9, 2012

Semana Santa

Here in Mexico Holy Week is called "Semana Santa" and is a big deal! Everyone is off of school and businesses close Thursday through Sunday. Good Friday is the most celebrated day. EVERYTHING is closed, even stores in the mall. Sadly Christ is viewed to still be on the cross and Easter Sunday is not as popular of a day as Good Friday.

We had a great week celebrating Christ's life, death, and most importantly his resurrection! This week a missionary friend, whom we met in 2008 at Mission Training International, came to stay with us. She is living in Pachuca which is about 6 hours away. It was such a blessing to have her here with us. The day she arrived we went to the orphanage and took the kids cake and played some special games with them.

Thursday was a highlight for sure as we had a seder meal in our home to celebrate Passover. In 2010 we also had one and our friends really enjoyed it. We ate the symbolic meal by candlelight and finished it by taking communion and talking about Christ.

Sunday our church group celebrated Easter together by eating lots of yummy waffles that Jennifer spent the day preparing and having an Easter reflection together.

This week everyone is still off of school as they get two full weeks off during the Easter season. We are currently working on renting a space for the gym. Please pray that it works out okay and we will have all the funds we need in order to buy the equipment needed.

God continues to work and we are blessed to be able to be his servants here. Thanks for your prayers and support. Without them our ministry would not be possible!

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