Monday, April 23, 2012

Body, Mind, and Soul

One of our passions is health and wellness. Josh was an exercise science major for a while and used to want to be a strength and conditioning coach. Jennifer has been into ballet since before she was five. Our love for dance and sports has given us a love for a healthy lifestyle and for nutrition. Sometimes we get criticized here for watching what we eat. Nutrition and physical fitness are not as popular here as the are in the States and so sometimes we are misunderstood. However, when one of our friend's found out she had diabetes and that her thyroid was giving her problems again she came to us to look for help. Since we are embarking on this new endeavour of starting a gym the challenge was right up our alley. We helped our friend and her entire family, with a diet plan and Josh has been going to their house 3 times a week to give them workout routines. They already feel better and are loosing weight.

We have always seen ministry as being something integral, just as we humans are integral beings consisting of body, mind, and soul. God desires the best for all areas of our life including our health and wellbeing. After all, we are living temples and should honor our Lord with our bodies! We are excited to be able to use our passions to help people in many ways, getting healthy being one of them!!!! We are still looking for the right place to start the gym. Hopefully we will find one soon!!!

Speaking of health...We have quite a few prayer requests that have to do with health. Would you please lift these up to the Lord?

-Our friend Lety who was diagnosed with diabetes. That her tests would come back with positive news this week.

-For one of Jennifer's close friends back in Kentucky who is fighting for her life against leukemia. Her name is Jen.

-For Marty Seitz, Jennifer's dad who is recovering from colon surgery. He is okay, but still in pain.

-For Jennifer's health

-For Adriana, another friend in our church group. She is 48 and pregnant. Pray for her little baby that it will be healthy!


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