Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brief Update

Hello Friends and Family,

This past weekend we traveled to Mexico City once again. We went among other things to speak with the owner of a franchise of Crossfit gyms to talk with him about the possibility of opening one here in León. It has been Josh's dream for several years to open a gym as a way to meet new people and use his love for physical fitness to reach the community. So we are in the process of deciding whether or not we take the big step to open this franchise here in León. Please be in prayer for us that we would make the right decision and that if we do decide to open it that God would provide the finances we need in order to do it. More to come on this in our next newsletter.

God is at work here. We see Him in the faces of the children we work with at the orphanage. We see him in the lives of our friends in our church group and we see him in you through your faithful prayers and gifts.

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