Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekend Trips

We have been behind on posting and we apologize for that! Things get kind of crazy and it slips our mind to post something, but we shouldn't have any excuses.

Well the past two weekends have been full ones. First we traveled to Mexico City last weekend to be with our co-worker and friend Rodrigo and the church plant he is starting there. We had a wonderful time with the believers there and as always it was an encouragement to be with them and share life together.

This past weekend we had the privilege of going to Acapulco with Rodrigo to a conference about Organic Church. We had never been to Acapulco before so it was a treat to be able to get to go. We endured the 10 hour bus ride and arrived to rather hot and sticky weather. We were greeted by a lovely group of believers that is starting a church. They welcomed us with open arms and showed us the love of Christ from the first moment we arrived. To start off a family gave up their only two bedrooms so that the three of us had a bed to sleep in in their humble home. We were overwhelmed by these people's generosity and love. Most of the people in this church had been very hurt by another church that they ended up leaving. They were receptive to the conference and the challenge that was presented to them be the expression of Christ as the church. Many of the ideas in the conference were new to them and not all of them were easy for them to process, but overall they responded well. One of the highlights was the time of prayer for healing that we had at the end of the conference. Many wounds were healed as we prayed for release from the past.

God is doing big things among small groups of people seeking his face. We are glad to be a part of what He is doing even though we have days when we think we aren't making a difference. We are grateful for the bond we have formed with other groups of believers that are being an organic expression of the church here in Mexico. Join us in praying that more people catch a glimpse of what it means to be the church!

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