Friday, September 9, 2011

The most interesting thing happened yesterday...I went to visit one of my neighbors, which I do fairly often, when my neighbor took me by surprise completely. She asked me when we could study the Bible together. I was a little shocked because if you knew my neighbor you wouldn't think that she would want anything to do with protestantism, but she knows us very well and stated that she realized we had studied the Bible a lot. My neighbor said that she has been around a lot of people lately who know something about the Bible and she doesn't know anything about it. Most catholics here, not all, don't know anything about the Bible except for what they might hear at mass, and many don't even go to mass. I am praising God for this hunger that he has put deep down in her heart to know more. I've been praying for my neighbors ever since I met them several years ago. Since then one has accepted Christ. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this other friend of mine would want to study the Bible with me and ask "when can we start?" Josh and I decided that our church plant would not be the best place for her, at least not yet, but I am going to meet with her once a week to study the Bible. Who knows what God will do during our times together. Please pray for our neighbor and that the Holy Spirit would work in her life use this Bible study to open her eyes to know Christ. I've spent so much time with my neighbors and sometimes I think they will never want to follow the Lord, but little by little we have seen open doors and things changing. Praise the Lord!

Jennifer Rebecca

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