Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cultural Experiences and Expanding Our Ministry

This past weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to go to one of our friend from our group's house and ranch (or town) about an hour and a half away. Our time with her family and seeing the local festival was truly remarkable as we had the chance to talk with our friend's grandmother who is eighty-eight years old and had all kinds of stories to tell. We learned more about small town Mexican culture and had the pleasure of getting to know our friend's family. This is the friend who stayed in our apartment while we were in the States. So she is a pretty close friend and has wanted us to meet her family for a long time. Our friend tells us that her grandmother doesn't like to talk with everyone, but we were fortunate enough to win her approval and she talked our ears off. =)

In the meantime we are working on getting our church-plant off the ground. In our next newsletter you will hear about this, but the missionary couple with whom were going to work with is not able to work with us and therefore we were left feeling rather alone this summer. Instead, we are going to partner with a Mexican national who shares our calling to plant home churches that reflect the indwelling life of Christ. We've mentioned our friend Rodrigo before and you will hear is name again in the future. We're thankful for this partnership as it came just at the right time for us. We will even be expanding our ministry by helping Rodrigo plant churches in Mexico City and in the nearby city of Querétaro. These are not big huge churches, at least not yet, but rather they are intimate groups of people seeking Christ together on a weekly basis and living life together throughout the week. Next week we will be starting to talk about Christ's life in us with our church here in León and we are praying that the right people will participate as we begin this journey. Please join us in praying for this group of people and for our new partner Rodrigo.

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