Friday, March 13, 2009


We arrived home to Mexico safely and without any problems during our trip. We had a very long bus ride both to the border and back to Leon, but we are grateful we didn't have any accidents! And we are happy to announce that we missed it here while we were away and that, when we were in Texas, we felt very odd. Now we understand what our professors talked about during our training in Colorado when they said we would become a mixture of two cultures, two worlds: that of our home country and that of our new country. Now that we've been here for 7 months we truly understand this phenomenon of feeling at home and yet a foreigner in our own country and in our new one. This paradox is one that all missionaries live with and many other people who live abroad as well. =) This mixture of two cultures is where we live and why we find ourselves speaking with each other in Spanglish sometimes. Uh oh. All that to say that we are content here, but we did enjoy being on the border for a few days as well.

Thank you for praying for us and our meetings! Everything went smoothly and we sensed the presence of God with us as we discussed our future ministry and participated in our field meeting. God moved in wonderful ways, and we know he answered many prayers! We were also able to attend the 60th anniversary of Taylor Christian School in McAllen. WGM started the private Christian school in order to serve the Latin immigrants in the neighborhood where the school is located on the border. While we were there it was exciting to hear the vision the missionaries hold for the future of the school.

We have a lot going on in our lives over the next few weeks, and we are extremely grateful for your encouragement and prayers! Thank you for the phone calls and e-mails that have assured us of your support! You enable us to continue in our ministry here and your participation with us is invaluable!

As we work with our leaders to define our future ministry over the next few weeks we will let you know of those details as they become available. Meanwhile, please continue to pray for God's guidance and discernment as we meet with our leaders and work here.

-One of our many views from the bus when we were close to Leon.
-Taylor Christian School's Anniversary
-Our friend and fellow missionary Jorge (from Boliva, but married to an American) celebrating his new American citizenship. He works and lives on the border.
-Our little friend Oscar after his school talent show here in Leon.

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