Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Couples' Retreat

The road was long and full of many curves, twists, and turns reminiscent of the roads in Eastern Kentucky. We were on our way into the mountains surrounding Leon for a marriage retreat in the Sierra de Los Lobos ("Mountain of the Wolves") where our friends from church have a cabin. We arrived and quickly set ourselves to cooking and putting up our tents. That night we had the privilege of talking with one another about our lives and our cultures. We enjoyed each other's company throughout the retreat and were challenged to reflect upon the areas of our marriage that need our attention and how we can be better spouses. One of the highlights for us was just being in the countryside again. We love living in the city but we didn't realize just how much we missed the trees, grass, and wildlife. The retreat was a time for getting to know our friends better, our spouses better, and enjoying the earth that God has given us. We don't often take time to talk deeply with one another about how we can be a more godly spouse and we think that for the couples who attended God worked in their relationships.

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