Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Giver of all Good Gifts

We arrived, after several long days of travel and one long drive from the Texas border to Leon, last Saturday morning at midnight. The next morning we were hard at work buying the many things we would need to furnish our apartment. We were pretty successful and now have everything needed except for our living room furniture! Through our move to this new land, we have seen and felt the provision of our Lord in many things. He has provided us a wonderful apartment in a secure neighborhood only a few minutes walk from Pastor Carlos' house and a few minutes drive to our new church.
The evening of the Saturday in which we arrived the church threw a welcome party for us at the pastors' house. Several of our brothers and sisters expressed their gratitude to God and excitement for us joining them here. They have been praying for years for laborers to join them and finally God has answered! God has given us to the church and He has given us a great family to be part of.
Thursday we went with Antares to the Technological University of Leon where we will be studying Spanish. She has set us up with the language department at the University so that we will be able to study Spanish for free by assisting them in their English program. This is a great opportunity for us to learn Spanish free of charge, make new relationships with young adults in Leon, and gain more experience in teaching. God has provided us with a school and a ministry already!

Us with new friends at church, with pastor Carlos, on the road to LEON, and the view from our apartment.

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