Monday, November 19, 2007

An unlikely connection

Today we spoke at Bad Axe Free Methodist Church, a church attended by some members of Jennifer's extended family. We were warmly welcomed by all at the church and enjoyed our visit and the opportunity to share, once again, our story and God's calling on our lives. After the services we met many amazing people, but two of our new friends touched us in special ways. Our first new friend, Genny, completely surprised us with a connection she has to Josh's family. It turns out that she attended Asbury College when Josh's grandpa was teaching there, and he would often take her along with her singing group up to his hometown of Buckhorn to perform. We were not expecting to meet anyone who knew our family, let alone someone who had such a special connection. We were blessed by Genny and the opportunity to reminisce about Grandpa Custer. Our other new friend is Janae. After we spoke in the morning service, she introduced herself to us beside our display and explained how we impacted her understanding of missions. She, like many other Christians, is trying to comprehend how missions fits into her life and what role she should have. She is still unsure of her future in missions, but she wants to be active in the present by supporting us. We are blessed by the conversations and relationships we are building with people like Janae who are not pleased to sit idly on the sidelines, but are eager to become an active player in transforming communities, countries, and our world through the grace of Jesus. We are not able to to accomplish the task God has given us by ourselves, but with people like Janae behind us we will be able to do great things.

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