Monday, November 12, 2007

Our latest news

Greetings Friends! This Sunday we celebrated Veterans Day in Maysville, Kentucky at Seddon UMC. Our friend Charlie Shoemaker has been the pastor there for a year. We enjoyed meeting the people at Seddon UMC and spending some time with Charlie.
As we attend various churches we are constantly reminded of the diversity that exists within the body of Christ. Even though each church we attend is different, we still feel a sense of belonging wherever we go because we have something greater in common. In the same way, we deeply desire others to feel a sense of belonging in our ministry. We want each one of you to understand that you are making a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. All of us share a heart for missions and together we will impact Mexico.
We are very close to 50% of our monthly support need. We need about 100 people at $25 a month to be at 100%. Thanks for praying and for participating in getting us to 100%.

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Heidi said...

how are the tech issues going? any better? are you guys feeling any better? i was so glad to see you last weekend...daniel was sorry he missed you! you are in our prayers. we are believing with you for 100% funding in no time flat!