Thursday, November 1, 2012

A miracle

Sunday we received a slightly frantic call from the director of the orphanage. She said "There has been an accident at the orphanage." Immediately we thought of the children and our hearts sank. Her voice wasn't convincing that everything was okay. She began to tell us that one of the house parent's had been in an accident. One of the other house parents was driving a truck while Candy, the one who got injured, got on the back of the truck and was standing up on the tailgate without the driver being aware of it. The driver hit a pot hole and Candy fell off and hit her head on a sharp rock. She was in pretty serious condition and had internal bleeding, but thank God she came through just fine without any brain damage or loss of eyesight or motor skills. The doctor said it was a miracle that she came out without any problems. Sadly, the driver was taken to jail and had to spend two nights there. Monday when we went to the orphanage the driver told Jennifer the whole story in detail while tears rolled down her face. We decided the kids needed cheering up after such an ordeal and so we took cake to share with all of them on Monday. They were grateful for the special treat and were still a little shaken up about everything that had happened. We praise God that the situation wasn't worse than it was. Everyone at the orphanage learned a hard lesson about truck safety.

Thanks for praying for the dear children of the orphanage, that their needs are met, that they recover from seeing this tragic accident, and that their house parents heal from this ordeal.

Sunday we had the wonderful opportunity to meet with our dear friend Rodrigo. His visit to León was a huge encouragement to us!!!!!

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